Present Continuous Tense

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Present Continuous Tense :

To indicate the action which is going as for some time, this Present Continuous Tense is widely used.

General Form :

Subject + am / is / are + verb + ing

I - am / verb + ing

He / She / It / All Singular subjects - is / verb + ing

We / You / They / All Plural subjects - are / verb + ing

  1. It is used to express an action going on at the time of speaking.

    Examples :

    He is working in the garden now.

    The boy are watching a cricket match at present.

    The children are playing games at this moment.

    My father is reading newspaper now.

  2. The Present continuous of COME and GO is used to express future action.

    Examples :

    My uncle is going to Chennai tomorrow.

    My brother is coming from London next Monday.

    I am going to see him this evening.

    She is going to be married next month.

The presence of the following Key words indicates the Present continuous tense in that sentence.

  • Now

  • At present

  • At this moment

  • Any longer

  • Still

  • Still now

  • Even now

  • Any more

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