Pride Takes A Fall

Pride Takes A Fall. :

On a roadside stood a tall and big banyan tree. It was a home to many squirrels and birds. Just by its side stood the green leafy mango tree. It bore sweet, juicy mangoes. Many people would rest under the shady tree and enjoy its sweet fruits too. No one ever paid much attention to the old banyan tree.

The mango tree had grown proud of its appearance. One day it said to the banyan tree, "See how important I am. Everyone eyes me with greedy looks. People like my tasty fruits. No one asks for you because I am the best!"

"Don't feel so proud," the banyan tree said. "It's just the law of nature. Every tree has its own place in the nature."

Next day the king's soldiers came and picked all the mangoes of the mango tree. They picked them so roughly that they broke many branches and leaves too. After they left, the mango tree looked ugly and was in pain. The banyan tree said, "See how your proud beauty has ruined you, while I am standing here safe and sound."

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