Reply to Letter of Congratulation

This is a sample Reply to Letter of Congratulation. Mrs. Nazis was the Chairman of organizing committee which organized the College Annual Concert. She and her team have successfully organized the function.Her friend, Mrs.Amutha, who attended the concert, is writing a letter congratulating Mrs. Nazis for the success of the function.Now Mrs. Amutha writes a reply.

112/ASW- Mark Road,
Malan Housing Area,

29th Feb. 2005.

Dear Amutha,

You embarrass me by praising me to the skies. Don’t forget the co-operation of the 200 and more students of all the classes who worked day and night for a month to the grand finale. Many of them contributed in cash and kind making available resources from their own business. Ravenna had her company rig up the acoustic system in the hall free of cost. Pats brought his rock group to play the orchestra.

We thank you four your inspiration which has been conveyed to my partners. Photographs of the concert are up on the College Board for sale.

With love and thanks.

Yours truly,

Signature of NAZIS


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