Revenge of Fox

Revenge of Fox :

Once a hungry fox entered a village. He went near a field with large juicy pumpkins. He looked around and saw no one around. So he quickly bit into a pumpkin. Just as he finished eating it, the farmer whose field it was, rushed to him and said, "How dare you eat my pumpkin?"

"Please sir, I was hungry and I ate just one of them." But the angry farmer took a piece of cloth and dipped it in kerosene oil. Then he tied the oily cloth around the fox's tail and lit a match to it. The fox's tail was on fire and he was in pain. Now the fox was angry, "You are punishing me for just one pumpkin. Now it's my time to take revenge."

The fox went to the wheat field that belonged to the same farmer. The ripe wheat was standing to be harvested. The fox jumped around the field with his burning tail. Immediately the crops caught fire and soon turned to ashes.

The farmer thought, "If I had forgiven the fox's small sin, he would not have caused such a huge damage to me."

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