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( Verb )

Past and past participle : rhapsodized
Present participle : rhapsodizing
3rd person present singular : rhapsodizes

Pronunciation : rápse-diz


1. Intransitive Verb: to speak or write in an enthusiastic or ecstatic manner

2. Transitive and Intransitive Verb: to write or recite a rhapsody

3. To express oneself in an immoderately enthusiastic manner

4. To show enthusiasm


Origin: 1600–10 - Latin rhapsōdia - Greek rhapsōidía recital of epic poetry, equiv. to rhapsōid(ós


enthuse, wax lyrical, eulogize, be ecstatic, go on, go over the top



Contextual Examples:

• He rhapsodized about his new book for one hour.

Related Words:

rhapsodise : Verb

rhapsodist : Noun

rhapsody : Noun

Alternative Spelling of Rhapsodize:


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