Seeking Contentment

Seeking Contentment :

One day Mohan met Sohan. He asked, "Sohan, what's up? You look so happy?"

"Yes," said Sohan. "I got married recently."

"Oh! That's a great news. Congratulations"

"I don't need congratulations. My wife is very dark and ugly. I do not like her at all," Sohan commented.

"Ah! That's indeed a sorry news!" Mohan said sadly. "Oh! I am not sorry at all because I received a grand mansion as a dowry," Sohan said happily.

"You are indeed lucky!" Mohan commented.

"What good luck! I was very unlucky. The mansion caught fire and was burnt to ashes in an hour."

Sohan told Mohan. ..

"That's really unfortunate. Mohan said in a sad tone.

"No ... No!" Sohan said. "I was happy because when the house caught fire, my wife was in it. She also died in the fire."

Mohan held his head in his hands and thought, "Some people are never content with life, just like my foolish friend Sohan."

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