Semi Modal Auxiliary Verbs
Quasi Modal Auxiliary Verbs

Grammar Index : 2

Ought to, used to, need and dare are called Semi Modal Auxiliary Verbs which are also called Quasi Modal Auxiliary Verbs.

Ought to :

  • The train ought to leave now.

  • He ought to speak now.

  • Vaigai express ought to leave at 6.45pm.

  • Used to :
  • I used to drink coffee when I was young.

  • He used to smoke once.

  • They used to visit our house when they were here.

  • Need :
  • I need to come now.

  • He need not take this exam.

  • They need not buy this dress.

  • Dare :
  • How dare you speak to me!

  • I dare not to show my progress card to my father.

  • You dare to get up in the middle.

    Grammar Index : 2

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