Simple Present Tense for The Pronoun HE

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Simple Present Tense for The Pronoun HE :

  1. He gets up at 6’O clock every morning.

  2. He starts at 8.30am.

  3. He brings a letter.

  4. He catches a ball.

  5. He comes with his friends.

  6. He goes to College.

  7. He writes stories.

  8. He creates websites for many companies.

  9. He lives in Mumbai.

  10. He likes only rural areas.

  11. He does what his father commands him.

  12. He wears duel faces.

  13. He flies Air India.

  14. He waits for his son.

  15. He donates $30,000 to this university.

  16. He faces criminal charges.

  17. He reads only Hindi News Papers.

  18. He speaks only Hindi and Tamil.

  19. He comes forward to work with his brother.

  20. He gives away 30% of his property to a charitable trust.

Grammar Index : 2

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