Simple Present Tense for The Pronoun I

Grammar Index : 2

Simple Present Tense for The Pronoun I :

  1. I eat a mango.

  2. I read the newspaper.

  3. I send my application.

  4. I go to Harvard next week.

  5. I do exercises.

  6. I sing a song.

  7. I dance to his tune.

  8. I walk 5 kms daily.

  9. I write an article to The Hindu.

  10. I prefer coffee to tea.

  11. I like T-Shirt.

  12. I speak five languages.

  13. I live in New Delhi.

  14. I build a house.

  15. I cry for help.

  16. I think of you whenever I eat sweet.

  17. I fight for my right.

  18. I maintain distance from him.

  19. I create a website for English.

  20. I write computer programs.

Grammar Index : 2

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