Singular Noun

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There are two types of Nouns : Singular Nouns and Plural Nouns.

1. Singular Nouns :

When we speak about one person and one thing, we use the noun in singular form.

Single means one.

Plural means many.


a. A man is smoking within the premises.

b. A group of cows is called Herd.

c. Joy is what we want in our lives.

d. Church is the worshipping-place of Christians.

e. This chair is made of plastic.

In these sentences, the nouns man, group, joy, church and chair are in singular forms.

Joy, run, wife, knife, army, hero, ox, life, loaf, baby, city and tooth are few singular-nouns which we use. We have seen the singular form of Noun-Number.

The Noun has various dimention in its usages.

The same Noun can be used in different manner in different contexts.

Grammar Index : 2

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