The Adverb Clause

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The Adverb Clause will meet four requirements.

1. First, it will contain a subject and verb.

2. You will also find a subordinate conjunction that keeps the clause from expressing a complete thought.

3. Finally, you will notice that the clause answers one of these three adverb questions: How? When? or Why?

4. It does the function of an adverb which modifies the verb.

Tommy scrubbed the bathroom tile until his arms ached.

How did Tommy scrub? Until his arms ached, an adverb clause.

Josephine's three cats bolted from the driveway once they saw her car turn the corner.

When did the cats bolt? Once they saw her car turn the corner, an adverb clause.

After her appointment at the orthodontist, Danielle cooked eggs for dinner because she could easily chew an omelet.

Why did Danielle cook eggs? Because she could easily chew an omelet, an adverb clause.

Examples :

1. We keep our bread in the fridge, so that it doesn't go bad.

2. The five-cent coin looks very Canadian, since it has a picture of a beaver on it.

3. Although Volkswagen cars are cheap, they last a long time.

4. You should give the iron time to heat up before you iron your clothes.

5. You need proper shoes to go hiking in the mountains, because the ground is rough and hard.

6. Hockey players wear lots of protective clothing in order that they don't get hurt.

7. You will have to pay higher insurance if you buy a sports car.

8. You shouldn't drive after drinking alcohol.

9. Although the dolphin lives in the sea, it is not a fish -- it's a mammal.

10. You may get malaria if you are bitten by a mosquito.

The Other Two Types of The Subordinate Clause are :

(i) The Noun Clause
(ii) The Adjective Clause

Grammar Index : 2

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