The Clever Mouse

The Clever Mouse :

A small mouse was feeling mischievous. He was in a jolly mood. He jumped around everywhere. Just then, he saw a big bull sleeping under a tree. The bull looked huge and had sharp and long horns. His large nostrils were open closing with every breath he took in and let out.

The mouse saw the bull breathing. He heard the loud snorts that were coming from his nostrils. The mouse went to the bull and shut his nostrils. The bull was woken up when he could not breathe. He got up and saw the mouse running away. The bull was very angry. He thought of teaching a lesson to the mouse. He chased the mouse to punish him.

The tiny mouse was quick on his feet. He ran fast even as the huge bull chased him. Then the mouse ran into a hole in a wall. The bull crashed his head into the wall and started bleeding. The wall crashed from a side but still the mouse did not emerge from the hole.

The bull understood that, one must not think that a small enemy is weak. Strength and size is not the winner all the time.

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