The Coconut

The Coconut :

Once, a miser went to buy a coconut. The coconut seller asked for ten rupees for one coconut.

"I'll pay you five rupees," said the miser. "Then go to the wholesale market, two miles away. Only there you will get a coconut for five rupees," replied the coconut seller.

The miser walked to the wholesale market. He picked a coconut there and said to the coconut seller, "I will pay rupees three for this."

The vendor said, "If you want a coconut for three rupees then walk three miles to the seashore."

The miser walked to the seashore.

"I'll pay rupee one for a coconut," miser said to the coconut seller at the seashore.

"I won't sell it for a rupee. Why don't you climb the coconut tree and get it for free?"

The miser climbed up the tree, but he slipped and fell on ground and broke his back bone. He had to spend ten thousand rupees on treatment. All this just for a free coconut!

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