The Foolish Dogs

The Foolish Dogs :

Once, there was a rich shepherd. He had a large number of sheep. He trained two fierce dogs to guard his sheep. The dogs were very loyal and worked well at keeping watch.

One night, a wolf saw the sheep in the pen. When he went to get the sheep, the two dogs barked loudly and chased him back into the woods. The wolf thought that he must make some plan to get the dogs away from the sheep. He thought very hard and soon got an idea. He went and tried to make friends with the dogs.

He said, "Brother, I see you tied with chains and serving men. Come with me to the woods. You can roam around freely and eat anything you like."

The dogs liked the idea and followed the wolf into the woods. The wolf led both the foolish dogs to his cave. There, the other wolves attacked and killed the dogs.

Then all the wolves went and ate up the sheep to their hearts content.

Due to their foolishness, the dogs caused a loss to their master and lost their own lives too.

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