The Four Thieves

The Four Thieves :

Once, there was a gang of four thieves. One night they robbed a wealthy merchant's house. But the servants woke up and chased them. The thieves ran away with all the robbed money and the ornaments and hid in a deep forest outside the city.

After two days they could not control their hunger, so one of them said, "Two of us must go to the city and see if everything is safe. Then they must get some food for the others."

So, two of them went to the city. They went to a hotel and fed their hungry stomachs. Then they mixed poison in some packed food to feed the other two because they wanted to have all the wealth.

Back in the forest, the other two thieves also made a plan. They hid behind a bush. When the other two thieves came with the food, they stabbed them to death. Then they happily sat down to eat the food. But as soon as they ate it, they fell dead as the food was poisoned.

So, all of them fell victims to their evil ways.

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