The Golden Idol

The Golden Idol :

Once, a very rich man came into a bi city to find some chances to expand his business. He went around the markets and business centres of the city to find out about new business. Then as he was wandering around, he reached at the outskirts of the city where the city ended and the villages began. There were some ruins of ancient temples. As he sat down to rest, he noticed something shining in the ruins. He quickly went there and removed the stones and rocks and found a large golden idol of a lion. He thought, “Oh! I am so lucky. God had given me a chance to become wealthier. This idol is made of solid gold. Should I take this idol home or not?".

Then again he thought, "But what is the use of this idol? What if the lion's face scares me at night? I think I should send my servants to fetch it and I will watch it only from a safe distance."

So the man walked away. He was like many other rich people who did not know how to utilise their wealth and were also afraid to spend their money.

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