The Intelligent Enemy

The Intelligent Enemy :

King Kalhetu was a cruel and greedy king. He had attacked many of his neighbouring kingdoms and defeated them too. But there was only one king, he had never been able to defeat. He was King Udayman of Vikramgarh.

Once, King Kalhetu had invited King Udayman to have lunch at his palace. King Udayman accepted the invitation. He went to King Kalhetu's palace, but there, he was put in prison. Then King Kalhetu felt very happy. There were songs and dances in his royal court and he felt very proud indeed. Just then a guard came into the court and said, "Your Majesty, King Udayman of Vikramgarh has surrounded our kingdom with his army. He has attacked us. The man in the prison is not the king but an imposter sent by the clever king."

Now King Kalhetu had to give in to King Udayman. He promised never to attack any other kingdoms. He was also forced to grant freedom to other kingdoms.

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