The Intelligent Painter

The Intelligent Painter :

Once, a very old and rich woman lived in the town. She was of a rather eccentric nature.

Once, she asked a famous painter to paint her portrait. The painter completed the painting in a month. So she went to get the painting. Her dog accompanied her. The painter unveiled the old woman's portrait and waited for her comment. The old woman turned to her dog and asked, "Sheru, how is my portrait?"

But the dog did not look at the painting. The old woman angrily said, "Even my dog does not recognise me. I'll not pay you for this painting."

The painter replied, "Come in the morning again and I'll rectify the mistake."

In the night, the painter rubbed a piece of meat at the lower edge of the painting. Next day the old woman came with her dog. The dog smelt the meat and he started licking the painting. The old woman thought that the dog liked her portrait and paid money to the painter.

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