The Lazy Birds

The Lazy Birds :

Once, two birds named Rinki and Minki lived in a nest. Both of them were very lazy. They always found excuses for not doing any work.

Once, on a cold winter day, a chilly breeze was blowing. There was some snowfall too. By chance, a hole was made in their nest. The cold breeze blew in through the hole and chilled the nest. Both the birds started feeling cold. Minki thought, "I wonder why Rinki is so lazy? Why is she not repairing the hole?"

On-the other hand, Rinki thought that Minki would fill the hole. Both of them were depending on each other and no one mended the hole.

Soon snow started to fall and the chill nearly froze the insides of their warm nest. The snow flakes entered the nest through the hole. The lazy birds started shivering with cold, but no one was active enough to work.

In the morning both the birds were dead in their nest. They had shivered to death but due to laziness they had not got up to mend the hole.

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