The Miser

The Miser :

Once, a miser went to the city to meet his friend. The miser's friend thought of teaching him a lesson. He took him to the market and said, "You can wish to eat anything and I'll get it for you."

Then they went to a hotel. The friend asked, "How is this dinner?" The hotel owner replied, "As tasty as sweets, sir."

"Then let us have sweets," the friend said.

They went to a sweet shop and asked, "How are the sweets?"

"As sweet as honey," the sweet shop owner said.

The friend said, "Let us have honey then."

The friend took the miser to a honey shop and asked," "How is the honey?"

"As pure as water," the honey seller replied.

"Ah!" said the friend. "I'll feed you the purest of all the foods."

So the miser was offered several pots full of water instead of food. After this, the miser left the habit of miserliness forever.

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