The Musical Wolf

The Musical Wolf :

A flock of sheep were grazing in a meadow by the edge of a forest. Soon it was evening and they started to move for their home. As the flock went on, a small lamb lagged behind. A wolf saw the lamb from a distance and thought, "Ah! It's my dinner time. I'll go and get that lamb for dinner."

So the wolf ran and caught the lamb. Just when he was about to eat it, the lamb said, "I don't mind if you eat me up. But I think I have a right to have one last wish."

"Yes, what is it?" the wolf asked.

"I want you to playa flute and I will dance. When I fall down after I get tired, you can eat me up."

The wolf agreed to this. He began playing the flute and the lamb began dancing. Some shepherd dogs heard the flute and came to the spot. They saw the lamb near the wolf and attacked the wolf. The wolf ran off to save his life and thought, "What a fool I was to think that a hunter like me could be a musician."

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