The Servant of A Brahmin

The Servant of A Brahmin :

Once, a lazy Brahmin had a lot of fertile land. But he never sowed anything in it, so soon it became barren.

Once, a hermit visited the Brahmin. The served the hermit well. The hermit gave the Brahmin a magical chant. After the hermit's departure, the Brahmin chanted the magic chant. Immediately a giant appeared and said, "Give me work, master. If I do not work, I feel hungry and in hunger, I can eat everything around me."

The scared Brahmin quickly instructed the giant to work in the field to grow some food grains. The giant completed the task quickly. Then the Brahmin gave him many orders and the giant did everything quickly.

Now the Brahmin had no more work to give to the giant. But he feared that the giant would kill him, so he ordered the giant to straighten his dog's tail. The giant got to work but try as he might he could not do this.

So he got fed up and ran away.

The Brahmin learnt that greed can sometimes harm you rather than benefit you.

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