The Story of Wells

The Story of Wells :

Once upon a time, there was a severe drought in a country. The king sent his soldiers in search of water everywhere. One soldier reached a busy street market and asked a shopkeeper, "Where can I get water?"

The shopkeeper said, "There is no water here but you can take this slab of ice. It is frozen water."

So the soldier took the ice with him. Neither he nor his king had seen ice before. Soon the soldier reached the king but in the meantime the ice slab had melted into a small piece of ice. The king asked the soldier to dig the ground to what he thought was the seed of water to grow a tree of water. But The ice piece melted when kept on ground and the water got absorbed in the ground. The king asked his soldiers to dig the ground to get back the piece of ice. The soldiers dug deep in the ground but to their amazement, they found water there instead of the ice. That is how the wells were created.

So, the wells were dug all over the kingdom.

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