The Thankful Eagle

The Thankful Eagle :

One day in the forest, a woodcutter heard a strange sound. A bird catcher had spread some grains and a net under a tree.

Unluckily an eagle had got caught in that net and was calling for help. The woodcutter ran and freed the eagle.

The eagle thanked the woodcutter and flew away. After some days, once the woodcutter was sitting on a small mound and having his lunch. Some bushes and trees were giving shade to him. Suddenly the same eagle came and swooped at his food. The woodcutter leapt to save his lunch. But he lost his balance and rolled down the mound.

The woodcutter recognized immediately that it was the same eagle he had helped. He felt very angry, but the eagle said, "Sir, a poisonous snake was just behind you to bite you when you were having the food. So I saved your life from the poisonous snake as you had saved me from the net. I have thanked you this way."

Then the woodcutter saw the snake where he had been sitting and thanked the eagle.

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