The View Point of Lion

The View Point of Lion :

Once, a man and a lion were good friends. One day they decided to go and see how a city looked like. The lion lived in the forest near the man's village. One morning, they left village and left to see the City.

On the way, gradually both of them started boasting about himself saying that he was better than the other. Soon they started speaking loudly as they gave example of their feats. Then the discussion warmed up. Soon the heated argument could be heard from far away.

The man and the lion kept arguing. They reached the city square. There was a statue of man standing with his feet on a lion’s chest. The man pointed to the statue and said, "Look, the man is standing with his feet on the lion's chest. This proves men are more powerful."

But the lion said, "You think so only because this statue has been made by a man. If a lion had carved it, then you would have seen reversed positions depicting the lion's point of view."

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