Think Before You Speak.

Think Before You Speak. :

Once a fairy came to a poor woodcutter and his wife and said, "You have worked hard for so many years. Ask for any three wishes and they will be granted."

The couple started to think what they must ask for. The wife said, "Let's ask for a lot of money!"

"No, then the dacoits will kill us for the money," the woodcutter said. So the couple said to the fairy that they would think and tell.

That night they sat by the kitchen stove thinking what to ask for. The wife said, "I wish we had chicken to eat." and there appeared a chicken on a plate. The woodcutter scolded, "You have wasted a wish. Now stick the chicken to year nose." and the chicken flew and stuck to the woman's nose. The couple got scared now. The wife said, "Let me be free of this chicken," and so the third wish was wasted too and the chicken got unstuck from her nose.

The foolish couple did not think before they spoke and lost a chance of becoming rich.

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