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( Adjective )

Pronunciation : trît


1. overused and consequently lacking in interest or originality

2. Archaic: Frayed or worn out by use

3. characterized by hackneyed expressions, ideas, etc


Mid-16th century - Latin tritus - past participle of terere - wear out


banal, bromidic, clichéd, commonplace, corny, hackneyed, musty, overused, overworked, platitudinal, platitudinous, shopworn, stale, stereotyped, stereotypic, stereotypical, threadbare, timeworn, tired, warmed-over, well-worn, worn-out, pedestrian, worn, unoriginal, stock,insipid

Sipid : of pleasing taste, flavor or character is the opposite of insipid.


original, fresh, important, pertinent, relevant, atypical, unique, exciting, fascinating, interesting, stimulating, desirable, impressive, uncommon

Contextual Examples:

• It is by vivacity and wit that man shines in company. But trite jokes and loud laughter reduce him to a buffoon.

• His poetry is full of trite descriptions of nature.

• The commencement address was trite and endlessly long.

• We all know the trite phrases in his letter.

• For it is an observation, as true as it is trite, that there is nothing men differ so readily about as the payment of money.

• Do not let any one impugn this statement with the trite proverb that He who builds on the people builds on the mud.

Related Words:

triter & tritest : Adjectives

tritely : Adverb

triteness : Noun

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