Types of Sentences

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There are four types of sentences which can be reported in these two types of speeches.

Statements or Assertive Sentences : Sentences which say or state something are called statements or assertive sentences. In this type of sentences, facts and information are reported.

Examples :

  • He bought a car.

  • They have come to meet you.

  • I am the leader of this group.

  • She will take her exam today.

  • 2 and 5 add to 7.

  • India is a developed nation.

  • USA is the super power.

  • GMAT is must to apply to a business school.

    Interrogative Sentences : Sentences that are used to ask questions are called interrogative sentences.

    Examples :

  • Why are you late?

  • Who is your father?

  • Who is the new student?

  • How are you?

  • How old are you?

  • When will he come?

  • Where is our boss?

  • When will the school reopen?

    Imperative Sentences : Sentences which express order, command, request, advice or suggestion are called imperative sentences.

    Examples :

  • Do what I say.

  • Do not move.

  • Arrest him.

  • Punish her.

  • Walk 5 kms a day.

  • Take more fruits.

  • Sit down.

  • Stop doing it.

    Exclamatory Sentences : Sentences which express some strong feelings or emotions such as sorrow or joy or surprise or wonder or contempt are called exclamatory sentences.

    Examples :

  • What a beautiful girl!

  • How lovely flowers these are!

  • How silly boys you are!

  • What a lovely flower this is!

  • Hey, they're my parents!

    Grammar Index : 2

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