Uncountable Noun

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An uncountable noun (or non-count noun) is a type of common noun that cannot be counted or modified by a number without specifying a unit of measurement.

In general, non-count nouns are considered to refer to indivisible wholes (which are not individual objects and can not be counted).

For this reason, they are sometimes called MASS nouns.

Uncountable nouns are used to describe a quality, action, thing or substance that can be poured or measured.

Non-Count nouns also refer to a whole category made up of different varieties or a whole group of things that is made up of many individual parts.

Uncountable nouns are always singular.

Use the singular form of the verb with uncountable nouns.

Examples :

  1. There is some water in that pitcher.

  2. That is the equipment we use for the project.

  3. Add more sugar to this coffee.

  4. Soil is tested here.

  5. There is some cold beer in the fridge.

  6. Machinery is imported.

  7. Furniture is what we need urgently.

  8. Information about this computer is wanted to open this.

  9. Knowledge of computer is wide-spread now.

  10. More work is what you are supposed to do now.

Here are some of the most common containers / quantity expressions for these uncountable nouns :

accommodation - a place to stay

advice - a piece of advice

baggage - a piece of baggage

bread - a slice of bread, a loaf of bread

equipment - a piece of equipment

furniture - a piece of furniture

garbage - a piece of garbage

information - a piece of information

knowledge - a fact

luggage - a piece of luggage, a bag, a suitcase

money - a note, a coin

news - a piece of news

pasta - a plate of pasta, a serving of pasta

research - a piece of research, a research project

travel - a journey, a trip

work - a job, a position

Here are some more common uncountable food types with their container / quantity expressions :

liquids (water, beer, wine, etc.) - a glass, a bottle, a jug of water, etc.

cheese - a slice, a chunk, a piece of cheese

meat - a piece, a slice, a pound of meat

butter - a bar of butter

ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard - a bottle of, a tube of ketchup, etc.

Grammar Index : 2

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