Grammar Index : 2

Verb is the word to denote an action or a state. A single word can be used as a verb. Here are few examples in which the single words have been used as verbs.

Examples :

  1. He drinks coffee.

  2. Children like sweet.

  3. I am fond of Ice-creams.

  4. The soup is better.

  5. The marriage is held in a grand manner.

  6. We invited him.

  7. The giants love children.

  8. The teacher fined the late-comers.

  9. The teacher allows the late-comers.

  10. The watchman does his duty.

  11. The trader never sleeps.

  12. I walk to my office.

  13. They come with a problem.

  14. You have to be there by 6 am.

  15. Be in my office today.

  16. Watch TV for this program.

  17. Read news paper regularly.

  18. I teach English to UK students online.

  19. He learns Math from my father.

  20. His uncle is working in Post Office.

    Grammar Index : 2

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