Verb Phrase

Grammar Index : 2

The phrase in which the main verb is is called Verb Phrase. Here are few sentences in which the Verb Phrases are noted.

Examples :

  1. The meeting has been recommended.

  2. We have received a letter.

  3. Children are playing foot-ball.

  4. The guests have been received.

  5. Girls are dancing.

  6. They are eating different dishes.

  7. He has been living in this house since 2000.

  8. They have been waiting for the last 2 hours.

  9. The company is located in Bangalore.

  10. My grandma is searching for this book in the library.

  11. He is going to Delhi.

  12. They are taking note of what you are doing here.

  13. I have been asking for my book.

  14. She is reading this book for 1 hour.

  15. You are asked to be in my house.

  16. John is writing a book about India.

  17. What we are doing is determined by what we read.

  18. Wilson is analysing this problem with his friends.

  19. Hillary has been working in this library since 1992.

  20. We are watching this program for 2 hours.

    Grammar Index : 2

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