Vocative Case

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A noun or a pronoun is said to be in Vocative case if it is used to call (or to get the attention of) a person or persons.

• Mr. Bill, students are waiting for you in the main hall.
“Mr. Bill” is in vocative case.

• You there, stand up.
“You” is in vocative case.

• Brother, a letter for you.
“Brother” is in vocative case.

• Chairman, all the letters are posted two days ago.
“Chairman” is in vocative case.

The nouns do not change their forms in the Nominative and Objective cases. But few pronouns change their forms between Nominative and Objective cases.

Nominative case ________Objective case_________ Possessive case

1. I __________________ me__________________ my

2. We_________________us____________________our

3. You________________ You___________________your

4. He_________________ him____________________his

5. She_________________her_____________________her

6. It___________________it_______________________its

7. They_________________them______________________their

Grammar Index : 2

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