What to Buy?

What to Buy? :

One day three penniless friends saw a rupee coin on the road. As the three of them had seen the coin together, each tried to claim it. Then they decided that they would not fight but they would buy some eatable with the money and share it equally.

First one said, "I want to eat something which tastes sweet."

Second friend said, "But I am feeling hungry. I want to eat a lot of things to fill up my hungry stomach."

At this, the third intervened and said, "But I am feeling thirsty. We must drink something that would quench my thirst too."

An old man had seen them arguing. So he led them to a fruit shop. The old man took the rupee coin from them and bought a small bunch of grapes. He said, "You can eat it because it is sweet. It is in large numbers as one of you wished and it is juicy so it will quench your thirst. I guess you won't fight how."

The three friends agreed and enjoyed the grapes.

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