Who is The Fool?

Who is The Fool? :

One day Seth Kishanlal went to the city. In a jewellery shop window, he saw a real diamond. He went inside the shop and asked the shopkeeper, “How much does that diamond cost?"

"Two thousand rupees," the shopkeeper replied. Kishanlal was a miser, so he said, "Will you sell it for a thousand rupees?" The shopkeeper refused.

Kishanlal thought, "I'll go now. I'll ask for it once again in the evening. May be he'll give it to me then."

So in the evening, he went back to the shopkeeper and said, "Will you give me the real diamond for a thousand rupees?"

"No, actually I had only a single real diamond which I've already sold for five thousand rupees," the shopkeeper said.

"You fool, that diamond was worth fifty thousand and you sold it for just five thousand only!"

"Sir, why didn't you buy it for two thousand in the morning? For a small gain you have incurred a heavy loss," the shopkeeper said.

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