Why The Hare Has No Tail?

Why The Hare Has No Tail? :

Long, long ago the animals had no tails or very small ones. One day the Lion asked all the animals to come to him to get good tails. It was cold that day and it was raining. The hare had only a short little tail. But he did not like to go out and said to the other animals, "Please, bring me a tail. I can't go anywhere when it rains."

"What tail do you want to have?" the animals asked him.

"Oh, any tail will be good for me. But it must not be too long or too short."

Some time later the animals came back and each animal had a beautiful tail. But nobody brought a tail for the hare.

I think that some of them forgot about the hare. Some had no time. Some could not find a good tail for the hare. But I know this. If you must do something, don't ask others to do it for you. Don't forget about the hare with his short little tail!

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