Why The Kite Eats Chickens?

Why The Kite Eats Chickens? :

Why The Kite Eats Chickens?

Once, a Kite's child was very ill. The Kite's sister came to Mother Kite and said, "I know a good doctor for your child. The Spider is the best doctor here. I shall ask him to come to you".

Mother Kite asked her sister to go for the doctor.

Her sister went to the spider and said, "The Kite has a child and it is very ill. Will you go to the Kite and see her child?"

"All right," the Spider said, "but I am afraid to go. There lives a Hen near the Kite's house and she will eat me up".

"Oh, no," said the Kite's sister, "I am sure, she won't eat you up."

So the Spider took his medicine bottles, put them in a bag and went to the Kite. But he was afraid of the Hen. So he wrote a letter and put it into the bag with medicine bottles. Very soon he saw the Hen! He hid himself behind a tree. But the Hen saw the Spider, picked him up and gave him to her chickens to eat.

Now the Kite waited and waited for the Spider. Then she went out to meet him and saw a bag with medicine bottles and a letter there.

She read: "To the Kite. I was on my way to your home, when I met the Hen who ate me up."

The Kite flew back to her little son. The poor child soon died. The Kite decided to take revenge and began to eat chickens. And now the Kite always catches chickens and eats them. And when you catch a hen, it cries out, "It was "not I! It was not I!" She wants to say: "I did not eat the Spider! Not I! Not I! "

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