Why does the chameleon shake his head?

Why does the chameleon shake his head? :

Long, long ago the Chameleon and the Dog were friends. But sometimes the Dog walked with the Man.

One day the Chameleon asked the Dog, "Why do you sometimes go with the Man?"

"The Man and I are friends," answered the Dog. "The Man is a hunter and we go hunting together. I help him to hunt. We have meat when we come back. Then we eat it."

Once, the Man and the Dog went hunting. They killed an antelope and carried it to the hunter's house. The Chameleon saw them and followed them. The hunter made dinner from the meat and began to eat it. The Dog came up to Man and wanted to have some meat too. Then the Hunter took a big stick and hit the Dog on the head!

The poor Dog cried and ran away. The Chameleon saw everything and he ran away too. He ran into the forest, stopped there and began to shake his head.

"Yangu, yangu, yangu," he cried. "That's too bad! Why, the Dog says he is the hunter's friend. He helps him to hunt and brings much meat. And the hunter hits the poor Dog on the head with a stick! The Man is not good. I will not live near the Man. I will live in the forest!"

That's why the Chameleon lives in the forest far from the home of the Man. When he thinks of the Man and his big stick, he shakes his head and says, "Yangu, yangu, yangu! too bad, too bad, too bad!"

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Why does the chameleon shake his head?