Witness of The Merchant

Witness of The Merchant :

Once, a merchant arrived in a village for trade. He stopped a farmer and asked the way to an inn.

The farmer directed him to the inn and went on his way. The merchant checked into the inn. He tied his horse in the inn's stable and went to sleep.

In the morning, the merchant went to the stable. But the innkeeper claimed, "My stable gave birth to this horse. It is my mine."

The merchant was shocked to hear such a lie. They started an argument. Both of them went to court for justice. For the merchant's identification, the merchant called the farmer as witness, but the farmer did not come. But at the final moment, the farmer came and said, "Sir, I am late because I was sowing boiled wheat in my fields."

The judge laughed, "How can boiled wheat bear any grains?"

"Why not, sir. If a stable can give birth to a horse then everything else is possible."

The judge realised the truth and punished the innkeeper.

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