ROOT-WORD is BIO which means LIFE. An important one as it treats the most important of all subjects, LIFE. The word list is a fine preparation for the enjoyment of a lecture or an article of a BIOlogical nature.

1. Biogenesis :BIO genesis (bie o jen’e sis) n.

The development of living organisms from life that exists

2. Biogenesist :BIO genesist (bie o jen’ e sist) n.

An expert in biogenesis

3. Biogenetic :BIO genetic (bie o je net’ ik) adj.

Pertaining to the development of life from life that exists

4. Biology :BIO logy (bie ol’ o jee) n.

The study of living organisms

5. Biogeny :BIO geny (bie oj’ e ni) n.

The development of life

6. Biogeography :BIO geography (bie o jee og’ ra fee) n.

The area of biology that deals with the distribution of plants and animals

7. Biognosis :BIO gnosis (bie og no’ sis) n.

The investigation of life

8. Biography :BIO graphy (bie og’ ra fee) n.

The written story of the life of a particular person

9. Biographer :BIO grapher (bie og’ ra fer) n.

One who writes about the life of another

10. Biographee :BIO graphee (bie og ra fee’) n.

The person whose life is written about

11. Autobiography :auto BIO graphy (aut o bie og’ ra fee) n.

One’s own life story written byoneself

12. Biologist :BIO logist (bie ol’ o jist) n.

An expert in biology

13. Bios :BIO s (bie’ os) n.

Organic nature among plants and animals

14. Biosis :BIO sis (bie o’ sis) n.

The way of life among living organisms; vitality

15. Biostatics :BIO statics (bie o stat’ iks) n.

The study of living organization and its functions

16. Biota :BIO ta (bie ote’ a) n.

Animal and plant life of a region; the fauna and flora of an area

17. Biostatistics :BIO statistics (bie o sta tis’ tiks) n.

Vital measurements

18. Biopsy :BIO psy (bie’ op see) n.

Examination of diseased tissue removed from a body

19. Biostratigraphy :BIO stratigraphy (bie o stra tig’ ra fi) n.

Condition andorder of sedimentary rocks

20. Biopsychology :BIO psychology (bie o sie kol’ o ji) n.

Psychology as related to biology

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