Borrowed garments never fit well.

Borrowed garments never fit well.

Blessed is the man that endures temptations.

The saying from Bible elucidates that man who endures the temptations, pleasures and desires is blessed man for he can attain a happy and contented life. Temptation lead a man to use even the meanest ways to get the desires fulfilled. They are always attractive to everyone. If a man abides by the temptations, he will be led towards destruction. Temptations of sensual pleasure persuade a person to go in astray ways which simultaneously leads him to lose the peace of mind.

Though this saying is from bible, there is a similar kind of saying from Buddhism in which Lord Buddha preached to give off desire because desire is the root cause of all evil. People who run after the worldly desires and pleasures, even then they cannot fulfill them are unhappy, discontented, sad and dejected. Today in this world many people in temptation of attaining dominant positions, indulge in illegitimate activities they acquire enormous wealth in evil ways to project themselves as elite persons. In later life all these riches and illusioned happiness disappear from their life. So man should resist the temptations because it leads him to the path of sins and sufferings. The saintly-hearted people are not afflicted by the worldly pleasures and desires. So they are blessed ones and God too loves them.

Borrowed garments never fit well.

This maxim advises us not to follow other’s attitude and not apply others ideas to our problems as it will not suit to our problem or the situation in which we are. Borrowed ideas will not coincide with ours and while undertaking them our endeavor will get collapsed. Many students while studying for examinations try to follow the ideas from other students. Though all the students look the same, their ability to grasp different subjects differs. Some students can understand mathematics better than Science and some others can understand History better than Science. In such cases the students should try to see what their strong point is and try to spend less time on it and more time on subjects where they are not strong in understanding. Similarly some students understand when it is presented in a pictorial way and so they should make notes in a form where it is in pictorial form for easier understanding.

In Tamil literature there was a Pandya King who had a doubt whether the smell of the hair of women is natural or artificial. The King announced in his kingdom that anybody who clears the doubt of the king will be given a huge prize amount. The priest of a temple prays to the lord and lord Shiva appears and gives him a poem which contains the answer to the question. The priest takes the poem to the king but he could not explain the meaning of the poem to the king and so he returns empty handed. So we can see when people use the views of others they lose their individuality and originality.

Borrowed garments never fit well.


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