Every Dog has His Day.

Every Dog has His Day.

This proverb simply denotes the fact that one cannot take away the success of another. Each one has a talent and deserves to be successful. And under the right circumstances anyone can outshine another. Every person has his / her moment of glory.

Amudhan was a very sincere and hard working youngster who worked for a big industrial house in the Research & Development Department. He came up with brilliant ideas for projects which had been always accepted by the management. But unfortunately all the credit for his achievements was always taken away by his manager Mr. Ghai.

Amudhan was very angry every time this happened but was helpless because Mr. Ghai was in control of the entire department. He always earned a good name from the directors of the company by boasting that all the projects were the result of his ideas.

So one day Amudhan and his friends hit upon an idea. They presented a project for making an energy saver for the company. The manager in turn gave it to his superiors without even reading it properly. The manager as usual kept talking about how hard he had worked to make the idea a success and how it would save energy and crores of rupees for the company. A day was fixed for the demonstration of the machine.

At the appointed time Amudhan disappeared from the office and Mr. Ghai was left to do the demonstration. Since he had not bothered to read the report he had problems in getting it working. When he requested Amudhan’s friends for help, they clearly told him that since Amudhan had developed it he was the right person for the job.

The manager cut a sorry figure in front of the directors who were very angry with him for being so irresponsible. Just as they were ready to leave, Amudhan appealed and explained the working of the machine. The directors were in total awe as the energy saver was indeed a splendid discovery. Snatching the opportunity Amudhan also requested the directors if they could view one more of his inventions.

The manager was angry that Amudhan had not told him about it but was waved aside by the directors who were willing to spend any amount of time with Amudhan. At the end of the day the directors realized how talented Amudhan was and how Mr. Ghai had all along dominated him. They praised Amudhan and promoted him as the head of the department and fired Mr. Ghai for being selfish and suppressing true talent.

Every Dog has His Day.


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