Family is more sacred than the state.

Family is more sacred than the state.

Family is more sacred than the state.

This proverb explains that family which is the basic unit of the society is more important and sacred than the state of the country which is the constitution of millions of families. The sacred nature of the basic unit, i.e. the family can make the country great and prosperous.

This proverb is a very simple one having a deep significance. This is one of Leo Tolstoy’s statements. By this statement, Tolstoy has given more importance to the sacred nature of the family than to the state. It is a universally accepted fact that family is the basic unit of the civilized society whereas a state or a country is the constitution of millions of families. It is an undeniable fact that the stability of a family depends upon the discipline of the members of that family. Children learn different types of culture and habits of discipline from their parents. Parents play the important part in shaping the character of their children and thereby maintaining the discipline of the family which makes them disciplined citizens of the state. Only the disciplined citizens can make their country great.

The ancient Tamil poet Avvaiyar states that with the raise of riverside, the water raises… with the raise of water, the fields grow well…with the fields frowning well, the subjects flourish and with the subjects flourishing, the kingdom prosper. If the subjects were disciplined and prosperous, country would become great. The ill-mannered members of a family will spread chaos, terrorism and cause the state disorder and the disordered state falls into the pit of hell.

Family is the only cradle from where children learn culture and discipline. That’s why Tolstoy stresses the sacred nature of the family to make the country great.

Flattery makes friends and truth makes enemies.

Praising people insincerely with exaggerated claims only in order to gain some advantage is called flattery. When some one is flattered, they will be ready to do anything to people who flatter them. So flattering people whom you know well will get many friends. Similarly when you speak the truth about somebody, they will not definitely like it and so you will create enemies.

Flattery and trying to imitate somebody will always get us more friends. In olden days the poets used to flatter kings through the poems to get money from them without working. But sometimes it may not work. There was a king in England and one of his courtiers flattered him and compared him with god. He said that he can command anybody in the world. The king wanted to prove him to be wrong and so he went to the seashore and commanded the waves to stop and it did not happen and thus proved the courtier that his claim has been exaggerated and not to do it again.

Family is more sacred than the state.


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