feder, fide, fid & feal

ROOT-WORDS are FEDER, FIDE, FID & FEAL which come from the Latin fidere which means TRUST & have FAITH. The various spellings are interesting, and due, no doubt, to the various languages in which these ROOT-WORDS are used. No. 12 when used for the feminine is spelled with an e - confidante (French).

1. Federacy : FEDER acy (fed’ er a si) n.

An alliance or confederacy

2. Federal : FEDER al (fed’ e ral) adj.

In the nature of an alliance; united

3. Federation : FEDER action (fed e ray’ shun) n.

A union; alliance through agreement

4. Federalism : FEDER alism (fed’ e ra liz um) n.

The principle of national organization

5. Federalist : FEDER alist (fed’ e ra list) n.

One who believes in federalism

6. Federate : FEDER ate (fed’ e rate) v.

To unite in mutual loyalty and faith

7. Confederacy : con FEDER acy (kon fed’ e ra see) n.

A union for mutual support and common action

8. Confederate : con FEDER ate (kon fed’ e rat) n.

One of a band united for a purpose; an accomplice

9. Bona fide : bona FIDE (boe’ na fide) adj.

In good faith; genuine

10. Confide : con FIDE (kon fide’) v.

To have trust in someone; as, to confide in a friend

11. Confident : con FID ent (kon’ fid ent) adj.


12. Confidant : con FID ant (kon’ fid ant) n.

The person in whom one can confide

13. Confidence : con FID ence (kon’ fid ens) n.


14. Confidential : con FID entail (kon fi den’ chal) adj.

In the nature of a secret; as, confidential information

15. Fealty : FEAL ty (fee’ al tee) n.

Loyalty; fidelity to duty

16. Fidelity : FID elity (fi del’ it ee) n.

Faithfulness; fealty

17. Infidel : in FID el (in’ fid el) n.

One who has no faith

18. Infidelity : in FID elity (in fi del’ it ee) n.

Faithlessness; disloyalty

19. Perfidy : per FID y (per’ fid ee) n.

Disloyalty; treachery; deceit

20. Perfidious : per FID ious (per fid’ ee us) adj.

Treacherous; deceitful; as, a perfidious friend

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