fic & fect

ROOT-WORDS are FIC & FECT meaning MAKE. Your list contains only 20 words with this ROOT-WORD, but there are many, many more which you will recognize. You may meet the word artifice and you will recognize the root FIC and know that something was made. Or you may meet artificial and you will recognize two keys - FIC and AL, and you will know that the word relates to something that was made.

1. Beneficiary : bene FIC iary (ben e fish’ ee ere e) n.

One who receives a benefit

2. Deification : dei FIC ation (dee if i kay’ shun) n.

Making a god out of something; as of money

3. Amplification : ampli FIC action (am pli fi kay’ shun) n.

An enlargement

4. Acidification : acidi FIC ation (a sid i fi kay’ shun) n.

Act or process of making into acid

5. Calorific : calori FIC (cal o rif’ ik) adj.

Making heat

6. Certificate : certi FIC ate (ser tif’ i kat) n.

A written proof of a fact

7. Confection : con FECT ion (kon fek’ shun) n.

The act or process of making something; a dainty dish made of sugar and fruits; preserves

8. Affect : af FECT (a fekt’) v.

Make an impression upon

9. Defective : de FECT ive (de fek’ tiv) adj.

Wanting in something; faulty

10. Deficiency : de FIC iency (de fish’ en see) n.

Something lacking

11. Disinfect : dis in FECT (dis in fekt’) v.

To make free from disease germs

12. Effectual : ef FECT ual (e fek’ chu al) adj.

Having results

13. Efficacious : ef FIC acious (ef I kay’ shus) adj.

Producing the wanted effect

14. Efficacy : ef FIC acy (ef’ i ka see) n.

The ability to produce the wanted result

15. Magnificent : magni FIC ent (mag nif i sent) adj.

Made grandly; strikingly attractive

16. Personification : personi FIC ation (per son i fi kay’ shun) n.

Making an object resemble a person

17. Proficient : pro FIC ient (pro fish’ ent) adj.

Able to do things well

18. Versification : versi FIC ation (ver si fi kay’ shun) n.

Making lines in poetic form

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