opus & oper

These ROOT-WORDS are OPUS & OPER meaning WORK. They come from the Latin words OPUS & OPERA (plural). While the original meaning is closest to the Latin word No. 19 and the plural is in use mostly as a singular word meaning No. 1 (plural is operas), this root has become a word for any work which is planned, acted on, and carried through. So we OPERate and have OPERations, and everything seems to be moving in an OPERational manner, with OPERators and coOPERators.

1. Opera : OPER a (op’ e ra) n.

A drama which has been set to music and is sung instead of spoken

2. Operatic : OPER atic (op e rat’ ik) adj.

Resembling an opera; having qualities of opera

3. Operable : OPER able (op’ e ra b’l) adj.

Can be treated by an operation

4. Operameter : OPER ammeter (op er am’ e ter) n.

An instrument for counting the rotations of a wheel in a machine

5. Operalogue : OPER alogue (op’ er a log) n.

A lecture on opera which presents a summary of the story

6. Operate : OPER ate (op’ e rate) v.

To labor; function; to perform surgery

7. Operatee : OPER atee (op er a tee’) n.

The patient on whom an operation is performed

8. Operation : OPER ation (op e ray’ shun) n.

An action done as part of practical work

9. Operational : OPER atitional (op e ray’ shun al) adj.

Relating to work performed

10. Operative : OPER ative (op’ e rat iv) adj.

Having the power to act; causing operations
11. Operatize : OPER ative (op’er a tize) v.

To form into an opera

12. Operator : OPER ator (op’ e rate or) n.

One who works and produces

13. Operatory : OPER atory (op’ er a toe ri) n.

A place where work is done

14. Operetta : OPER etta (op e ret’ a) n.

A light, musical drama

15. Operettist : OPER ettist (op e ret’ ist) n.

One who composes an operetta

16. Operose : OPER ose (op’ e rose) adj.

Requiring labor; laborious; diligent

17. Cooperate : co OPER ate (koe op’ e rate) v.

To work together for a common purpose

18. Cooperation : co PER ation (koe op e ray’ shun) n.

The act of working together for mutual benefit

19. Opus : OPUS (o’ pus) n.

A musical composition; as, OPUS 25

20. Opuscule : OPUS cule (o pus’ kyul) n.

A small, petty work
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