Fools rush Where Angels fear to Tread.

Fools rush Where Angels fear to Tread.

Wise people will never venture into anything dangerous. But foolish people never heed to the advice of the wise and indulge in foolish acts without a second thought. Fools seldom think of the risks involved in taking up a job and often take hasty decision. This results in them facing unwanted and painful consequences Here the term angel refers to the wise and the intelligent.

Once there was a young pigeon which was very naughty and often got into trouble despite being warned by its parents. One day the pigeon flew into a distant part of the forest very eager to see places he had never been hitherto. It flitted from tree to tree enjoying the natural beauty calling out to all the birds and creatures it saw.

AN old owl sitting close by called out to the pigeon and told it not to make too much noise for it could attract the attention of the predators. The owl advised the pigeon to get back home because that part of the forest was full poisonous fruits which the pigeon was too naive to identify.

“Do not eat fruits that look colorful and shiny for they are full of poison, little one," said the owl.

The pigeon was in total awe as it listened to the numerous stories that the owl had to narrate.

After a while it started to feel hungry and decided to fly back. On the way it stopped at a couple of trees and looked around for something to eat. It remembered the words of the owl. It stopped by a tree that had nice juicy looking berries. But since they were black in colour the pigeon did not want to eat it. As it flew along it came across a huge tree with tiny red fruits that looked like mini apples and were looking fresh and shiny.

Although it remembered the owl’s words the pigeon thought that the owl was being over cautious and had no sense of adventure. It was too tempted by the lovely looking fruit and decided to eat it. It ate a couple of fruits and felt very uneasy. The fruits were indeed poisonous. Soon it fell to the ground and died.

If the pigeon had heeded the advise of the old owl. It would have survived without eating the colorful fruits of the tree. The pitiable pigeon was foolish that it ventured into the places where the wise owls hesitated to travel to.

Fools rush Where Angels fear to Tread.


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