Future Tense in Question Form

Future Tense in Question Form :

  1. Will he author five books?
  2. Will he buy orange in dozens?
  3. Will he charge a battery?
  4. Will he drive his car to his office?
  5. Will he face a problem?
  6. Will he give me an apple?
  7. Will he kill a lion in the forest?
  8. Will he make a doll?
  9. Will he manage his office?
  10. Will he murder his father?
  11. Will he read a poem?
  12. Will he read a story?
  13. Will he sign the cheque?
  14. Will he simplify the problem?
  15. Will he smoke a cigarette?
  16. Will I manufacture tyre?
  17. Will I read a novel of RKL?
  18. Will I see a bird?
  19. Will I see a bird?
  20. Will I see a mango in the tree?
  21. Will I send him to school?
  22. Will I typewrite a letter?
  23. Will I write a story?
  24. Will I write a story?
  25. Will it treat a problem?
  26. Will Makka read a document?
  27. Will Malar colour a picture?
  28. Will Mallika teach English to the slum children?
  29. Will Mani give me a notebook?
  30. Will Radha walk the distance?
  31. Will Ravi speak the truth?
  32. Will she borrow money?
  33. Will she draw a picture?
  34. Will she draw my picture?
  35. Will she make cake?
  36. Will she marry our daughter?
  37. Will she play chess?
  38. Will she play tennis?
  39. Will she prepare dinner?
  40. Will she purchase a house?
  41. Will she rule Indonesia?
  42. Will she sail by boat?
  43. Will she sing a song?
  44. Will she spoil the child?
  45. Will she store grains?
  46. Will she summon him?
  47. Will she throw the ball?
  48. Will the judge summon him?
  49. Will they borrow money?
  50. Will they draw a picture?
  51. Will they draw a picture?
  52. Will they make cake?
  53. Will they marry our daughter?
  54. Will they prepare dinner?
  55. Will they purchase a house?
  56. Will they rule Indonesia?
  57. Will they sail by boat?
  58. Will they shift me?
  59. Will they slip a currency-note?
  60. Will they submit their report?
  61. Will they switch on the light?
  62. Will they tax me Rs. 10000?
  63. Will they threaten me?
  64. Will they transport things?
  65. Will we author five books?
  66. Will we borrow money?
  67. Will we buy orange?
  68. Will we charge a battery?
  69. Will we drive his car?
  70. Will we face a problem?
  71. Will we give me an apple?
  72. Will we kill a lion?
  73. Will we look at the notice?
  74. Will we look at the notice?
  75. Will we make a doll?
  76. Will we make cake?
  77. Will we manage his office?
  78. Will we marry our daughter?
  79. Will we murder his father?
  80. Will we purchase a house?
  81. Will we sign the cheque?
  82. Will we simplify the problem?
  83. Will we slip a currency-note?
  84. Will we smoke a cigarette?
  85. Will we start the work?
  86. Will we start the work?
  87. Will we switch on the light?
  88. Will we transport things?
  89. Will you listen to the music?
  90. Will you send me an email?
  91. Will you sing a song?
  92. Will you spoil the child?
  93. Will you store grains?
  94. Will you tell a lie?
  95. Will you throw the ball?
  96. Will you transport this chair to our office?
  97. Will you watch a movie?
  98. Will you watch television?
  99. Will you watch television?
  100. Will you spend time for studies?

Future Tense in Question Form :


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