Half a Loaf is Better than None.

Half a Loaf is Better than None.

Contentment is the essence of a harmonious life. When you are greedy we wish to possess more things. In the process of acquiring it, we tend to loose what little we have with us and end up with nothing. When we have a bird in hand it is better to be happy with it. There is no point in aiming for two birds in the bush which you may not be able to capture.

Once upon a time there was a hunter who was very fond of hunting birds. He was very skilful in using his bow and arrow. He would often go into the forest and hunt down birds by the dozen and sell them all in the town market for a huge price.

One day on one of his hunting expeditions the hunter found a deer roaming around and wanted to hunt it down since it would fetch him a good price. So he came back the next day and set a trap for the deer. The unsuspecting deer got caught in the trap. Meanwhile the hunter saw a few birds up in a nearby tree and went about hunting them. The deer knew that it had to do something before the hunter returned.

Unfortunately the hunter was not able to hunt even a single bird that day and was disappointed. He was however elated on seeing the deer caught in the trap and jumped of joy. The deer lay very still and pretended to be dead. The hunter came close to the deer and when it did not move he assumed that it had died. He wanted to carry the deer as soon as possible to the market so that he could sell its meat and make lot of money.

He decided to fetch some logs to tie up the deer and carry it home. The deer lay very still waiting for the opportune moment to escape. The hunter released the trap from the deer’s legs and was beginning to tie the deer on to the logs when he heard a rustling sound. He looked up and found a beautiful bird sitting atop a tree branch. The greedy hunter immediately wanted to shoot the bird down. Thinking that the deer was dead he quietly stood up and took aim at the bird with his bow and arrow.

The deer realized that the hunter’s concentration was now on the bird. So it leapt up and ran away into the forest at full speed. Hearing the noise the hunter turned around and was shocked to find the deer disappearing into the forest. He missed his aim and the bird too flew away when it heard all the commotion. It was then that the hunter realized that his greed had made him lose both the deer and the bird and he had to return empty handed that day.

Half a Loaf is Better than None.


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