Health is better than wealth.

Health is better than wealth.

  • Good Health is extremely important, invaluable and indispensable. A Healthy body paves the way for a healthy mind. When the mind is at peace a lot can be achieved in terms of name, fame and money. Having excessive wealth without good health is of no use. No amount of wealth will be able to bring back a broken limb or handicap. At best wealth can only get the best treatments but cannot give back healthy body. With a healthy body even impossible feats seem easy.

  • SANJAY and Prasad were good friends. Prasad was a very rich man who believed that wealth was everything in life. Prasad worked very hard to earn money and felt that since he was working hard, he had every right to enjoy life too. Prasad led lavish lifestyle and partied all night, paying scant attention to his health. Sanjay on the other hand believed that a healthy mind was far more important than money. Sanjay exercised regularly and was very careful about timely and healthy meals.

  • As he grew wealthier, Prasad became addicted to alcohol and became a drunkard. When Sanjay tried to discipline him, Prasad brushed aside his concerns as being stupid. One night as he was returning home from a party, Prasad was under the influence of alcohol and lost control of the car he was driving. An accident happened there and Prasad was taken to hospital in serious condition.

  • As a result the car crashed against a lorry and he was badly injured. Alter prolonged hospitalization Prasad recovered but he had had injured his spine so badly that he was confined to a wheel chair for life.

  • Sanjay was pained to see his friend in this state but he had warned him enough number of times. Although Prasad had more than enough money and facilities to live a life of extreme comfort, his movements were restricted due to lack of health. If he had paid attention to his friend’s words and took them serious, Prasad would not have been in this bed-ridden condition for the rest of his life. Of course, the best things appear only after the time is over for them.

  • No amount of wealth could bring hack his health to its old condition. He was very depressed and disappointed and only now realized the true worth of his friend’s advice - good health was always better than any amount of wealth.

  • Health is better than wealth.


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