hemo & hema

ROOT-WORDS are HEMA & HEMO which mean BLOOD. It comes from the Greek haima. You have realized by this time that though the learning of the ROOT is a very simple matter, it brings you into association with very high verbal society. You will not be able to carry on the conversation but you will become a fine, intelligent listener, and that is half the art of the conversationalist.

1. Hemachrome : HEMA chrome (hee’ ma krome) n.

The coloring matter of the blood

2. Hematic : HEMA tic (hi mat’ ik) adj.

Containing blood; affecting blood

3. Hematid : HEMA tid (hee’ ma tid) n.

A red blood corpuscle

4. Hemal : HEMA I (he’ mal) adj.

Pertaining to the blood or blood vessels

5. Hemogastric : HEMO gastric (hee mo gas’ trik) adj.

Accompanied by hemorrhaging into the stomach

6. Hemoglobin : HEMO globin (he’ mo gloe bin) n.

An element in the red corpuscles

7. Hemachrosis : HEMA chate (hem’ a kate) n.

A stone like the bloodstone

9. Hemoid : HEMO id (hee’ moid) adj.

Like blood

10. Hemorrhage : HEMO rrhage (hem’ o rij) n.

Intense bleeding; discharge of blood from blood vessels

11. Hemorrhagic : HEMO rrahagic (hem o raj’ ik) adj.

Bleeding intensely

12. Hemorrhoids : HEMO rrhoids (hem’ o roids) n.

Dilated veins liable to discharge blood

13. Hemophilia : HEMO philia (he mo fil’ ee a) n.

Bleeding which cannot be controlled

14. Hemoptoe : HEMO ptoe (he mop’ toe ee) n.

Hemorrhage of the lungs

15. Hemospasia : HEMO spasia (hee mo spay’ zhi a) n.

Draining of blood

16. Hemostat : HEMO stat (he’ mo stat) n.

An instrument which stops hemorrhage

17. Hemostasis : HEMO stasis (he mos’ ta sis) n.

The checking of flowing blood

18. Hemotoxic : HEMO toxic (hee mo tok’ sik) adj.

Causing blood-poisoning

19. Hematose : HEMA tose (hem’ a tose) adj.

Bloody; full of blood

20. Hemotropic : HEMO tropic (hee mo trop’ ik) adj.

Affecting the blood

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